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Silky Bigboy


Silky Bigboy is a folding saw with 360mm blade length. Suitable for cutting 100mm+ diameter bamboo or branches quickly due to the longer length blade. Comes in a range of teeth sizes.

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Product Description

This saw is designed for cutting 100mm+ diameter bamboo or branches. It has a hollow ground blade, which reduces friction when cutting. This allows the cutting stroke to feel very easy and fast.

Key features:

  • Designed to cut on the pull stroke.
  • Non set Mirai-Me teeth.
  • Tapered teeth thickness with larger at the handle and smaller at the tip reducing blade jamming.
  • High carbon steel blades making it very strong yet flexible.
  • Blades coated with chrome to provide protection against rust and resin.
  • Two blade angle setting, one straight and another pointing up making it easy to cut on flat surfaces.
  • Handles made from special rubber developed by Silky making it comfortable to hold and absorb vibrations.
  • Replaceable blades allowing you to change blades with different teeth sizes when needed.


All saws have 360mm or 14.2inch blade length with varying teeth sizes -

  • Fine teeth - 13 teeth/30mm Blue handle
  • Medium teeth - 10 teeth/30mm Black handle
  • Large teeth - 7 teeth/30mm Red handle
  • Extra large teeth - 6.5 teeth/30mm Yellow handle


Additional information

Teeth size

Fine teeth, Medium teeth, Large teeth

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