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Useful links

There is a lot of information on the internet about bamboo. Here you will find some useful links to organisations that specialise in promoting bamboo.

Bamboo Society of Australia

Bambo Society of Australia (BSA) is the premier organisation promoting the use of bamboo in Australia. They have a useful website with link to all the bamboo nurseries in Australia and publish one of the best bamboo bulletins in the world. Munir was the vice-president of BSA for 4yrs till Nov 2018 and is still involved in the activities of the society.

World Bamboo Organisation

The World Bamboo Organization (WBO) is a diverse group consisting of individual people, commercial businesses, non-profit associations, institutions, and allied trade corporations that all share a common interest = BAMBOO. The purpose of the WBO is to improve and promote this common interest, as well as the conditions affecting, and the industry surrounding, this common interest.

WBO also organises the World Bamboo Congress every 3 years around the globe. The conference proceedings are available on the WBO website. Munir is currently World Bamboo Ambassador for WBO. 

International Network of Bamboo and Rattan

The International Network of Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) is an independent intergovernmental organization established in 1997 to develop and promote innovative solutions to poverty and environmental sustainability using bamboo and rattan. INBAR is headquartered in China with offices across the world and their website has a plethora of useful information including research and technical documents. Munir was invited by INBAR to present at the Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC) 2018 in Beijing. 

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