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We believe that ideas that spread are the ideas that succeed. We share our knowledge and experience in building with bamboo and other natural materials as part of these hands-on construction workshops. They also provide us opportunity to me like minded people and explore different possibilities. 

Most of our workshops include a small component of theory but is mainly focussed on getting hands-on and making things. We run a range of regular and invited workshops and are always open to new ideas. Below are some of the workshops that we run regularly. 

Skill development workshops

Our skill development workshops are focussed on developing specific skills in working with bamboo. You can do them in any particular order although some are more advanced and others require familiarity with the material.

Introduction to bamboo

Duration: 1 day
Ever wondered what is the big deal with bamboo? Why so many things are made out of bamboo these days? This one day introductory course will provide you with an overview on why bamboo is one of the most versatile materials. Learn about different bamboo species, how you can use it and get your hands dirty trying out different techniques in working with bamboo. 

Designing with bamboo

Duration: 1 day
Interested in using bamboo for one of your projects? This one day course will provide you the skills to design your own bamboo structure for the garden, balcony or the backyard. Learn about the 7 principles of designing and building with bamboo while designing your own project. Spend the afternoon turning your design idea into a scale model using bamboo skewer and walk away with a design you can build.

Bamboo joinery and connections

Duration: 2 days

Connecting bamboo is one of the most challenging and fun part of building with bamboo.  There are various ways to connect two pieces of bamboo, but which one to use and why? Learn about various bamboo connection techniques and get hands-on making each type of connection and refine your skills over the period of the course. 

Building with bamboo strips

Duration: 2 days
Using bamboo in the form of strips opens up a whole new dimension to building with bamboo. Learn about the benefits of using bamboo strips and how to make and clean them. You will learn about uing bamboo strips to create geometric and organic structures including weaving with bamboo strips and bundling bamboo strips.

Bending bamboo

Duration: 1 day

Flexible nature of bamboo allows it to be bent and create forms not possible with straight bamboo poles. As part of this workshop you will bend bamboo poles and bamboo strips using heat bending and steam bending techniques. You can also use this technique to straighten curved bamboo poles.

Bamboo harvesting and treatment

Duration: 1 day
Appropriate treatment of bamboo is essential to create a long lasting structure. In this workshop you will learn about selecting and harvesting the right bamboo. You will also learn various treatment techniques and get hands-on treating some bamboo using different techniques.

Project based workshops

Our project based  workshops are focussed on building a specific structure, furniture or object. Some of these can be group work where you will build a one structure in a group, while others include making an object that you can take home.

Beginners bamboo construction workshop

Duration: 2 days

Interested in building entire structures from the start? As part of  the workshop you will learn some theory including, different  types of bamboo species, various ways to treat bamboo, how you can use it to make various things and spend the weekend building an entire structure.

Advanced bamboo construction workshop

Duration: 5-7 days

Interested in levelling up your construction skills and constructing an entire building? As part of this workshop you will be constructing a small building like a one room cabin. This workshop is perfect for people who have some experience in building with bamboo and want to expand their skills by constructing a full sized building.

Dynamic geometry with bamboo

Duration: 1 day

Want to learn about creating dynamic geometry using straight bamboo poles? In this workshop you will learn how to create hypebolic parabolids and/or hyperbolic cyclinder. This workshop is suitable for children, youths as well as adults and provides a good understanding about possibilities of using bamboo.

Bamboo bike making workshop

Duration: 2-3 days
Explore the strength and versatility of bamboo by building your own bamboo bike. In this workshop your will build a custom bamboo bike frame to ride around town. You can add new component or reuse components from an old bike to finish off your new creation.

Bamboo furniture making workshop

Duration: 2 days

Want to build something small for your home? Why not make a bamboo reclining chair or table for yourself as part of this hands-on workshop. You will learn about bamboo suitable for furniture and joinery details why making your own unique piece of furniture to take home.

Bamboo toy making workshop

Duration: 1 day
Get your children inspired to create their own toy in this hands-on bamboo toy making workshop. In this workshop children will learn how to cut and drill bamboo and is suitable for 8yrs and older kids.

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