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Upcoming workshops

Make your own Sushi Dining Kit

Come and learn about working with bamboo in this hands-on workshop where you will make your own Sushi Dining Kit out of bamboo and take it home with you. 

Model making with bamboo skewers

Model making is a great way to visualise complex geometries and structures. As part of this hands-on workshop you will learn how to make a hyperbolic paraboloids and hyperbolic cylinders.

Zome Building Kit


Build your own cool structure with this easy to build Zome Kit in 2-3 hours. The kit has everything you need, get your family or friends together and create your own space.


Make a chill out space for children in the backyard, a creative space in the office, shade structure with creepers in the garden, a glamping tent and much much more. What will you build?

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What we do?

Design and build

We design and build beautiful structures, furniture and objects using bamboo and other sustainable materials as per your requirements. 

Participatory workshops

We facilitate participatory co-design and co-building workshops focused on hands-on learning using bamboo and other materials.

Technical advice

If you are planning to build your own project using bamboo and not sure where to start, we can provide technical advice and guidance.

Capacity building

We work with a range of communities to help them shape their surroundings by designing and building together. 

Co-building with bamboo

Co-building with bamboo was published in 2015 and celebrates 10 years of building with bamboo. The book shows how our design approach has evolved over past 10 years.


The book is also a collection of our projects over this timeframes with ideas on how you can use bamboo in your own home.



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What makes us tick?

We love bamboo
We value good design
We believe in collaboration
We share our experiences
We like to make things
We are up for a challenge

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