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Installations and Happenings

Skill Development

Installations and Happenings was a design elective at School of Architecture at University of Melbourne run by Tanja Beer in conjunction with the Living Pavillion 2019. Munir represented Giant Grass to guide the students in developing designs and installations using bamboo and other sustainable materials.

As part of the elective students were asked to create installations and happenings that would be specific to the site and build on the Living Pavillion hosted by University of Melbourne. Students worked through site analysis, concept design, design development, prototyping and testing their installations. The main aspect of the brief was that the installations should be interactive and students were asked to think about ways in which they would engage the audience and evaluate their performance.

The course culminated in students presenting their installations as part of the Living Pavillion. Installations varied widely and students included various mediums including painting, drawing, music, sound, lighting, etc.


Melbourne, Victoria


University of Melbourne


Tanja Beer

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