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Skill Development Workshop

Skill Development

Dang is a tribal area in South Gujarat that is rich in bamboo and teak forests. Local tribal people use bamboo to make their houses, baskets and handicraft products to sell in the market. Over past many years the demand for handicrafts has reduced and the locals are moving to big cities to earn a living. The local government wanted to make sure that people have employment and can use their skills in working with bamboo to earn a living.

We were invited by the Government of Gujarat to facilitate skill development workshop and develop new designs that locals make to sell in the market. As part of this workshop we invited some master artisans from north east India to assist us.

During the workshop the craftsmen learnt a range of new techniques including treatment of bamboo, bending bamboo and various joinery connections. We also developed a range of product designs that were exhibited as part of a statewide festival.


Dang, India


Government of Gujarat


Master artisans of Agartala

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