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Woven Cubbies


Woven cubbies are a set of organic bush cubbies built by weaving cane around a steel frame. The design builds on our previous projects including the Bee hives and Woven Windows which have shaped the form of these cubbies.

Woven cubbies are inspired from the forms and shapes in various Dr. Seuss books and connect directly to the childrens desire to dream and be creative. These cubbies are a great way to add natural play in any playspace and are now specified by landscape architects when designing kids play areas.

The cubbies come in 3 different shapes and are made to order with the ability to customise size and shape. We have installed these in a few childcare centres including Sentia ELC on Flinders Street in Melbourne and Wattletree ELC in Malvern.


Melbourne, Victoria


Sentia ELC, Wattletree ELC


Dale Holden

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