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There is not very often that a designer gets an opportunity to improve on their already successful design. Woven Windows is one such project where we were asked to add a dome on top of the Kids Watch Tower that we had built at The Venny almost 4 years ago. The Kids Watch Tower was well liked by the children and needed some work due to changing playground standards.

As part of the project we removed the top section of the tower and replaced it with a woven cane dome that was inspired from Dr. Seuss stories. The dome has windows placed in key locations allowing views of the lovely gum trees and also providing a panoramic view of the play area.

Apart from addressing some of the safety standards the addition became the new favorite with the children providing a space for rest and contemplation. The access to the dome still remained through the floor keeping the sense of adventure alive.


Kensington, Victoria


The Venny


Dale Holden

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