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Government of Dang commissioned us to design an exhibition stall to represent their district-‘The Dangs’, and to exhibit the handicraft products of their tribal people at a state festival in Surat. Dang has abundant sustainably managed bamboo forests and so the structure was to be made from bamboo to highlight the significance of this natural resource. The design had to be dismantalable and simple due to the time constraints.

The structure is made of 9 portal frames arranged parallel to each other and connected on the top with transverse bamboo poles. The frames are made of whole bamboo utilizing corbelling structural system and connected by bolting. Strips are cut and bent out of whole bamboo culms to create support structure for holding shelves. The cantilevered bent strip are aligned between two portal frames so as to hold the shelf horizontally. The shelves are made out of flattened bamboo boards. A woven mat is used as a backdrop for the exhibition stall.


Dang, Gujarat


Goverment of Gujarat


Master artisans of Agartala

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