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The (f)route POD is a permanent structure, designed for multiple uses – accommodation, glamping, studio space, meditation room, backyard gazebo or wedding pavilion. The pod was the winning entry for the Campster Design Competition and we built the prototype for the client to test the concept design.

The curved organic shape of the pod is inspired from eucalyptus pods. It has an octagonal plan with an inner diameter of 3m and maximum internal height of 2.4m. The shape of the pod is designed to maximise head clearance for allowing better utilisation of the space inside. The interior can comfortably accommodate a double bed and is perfect for laying and gazing into the night sky via the skylight and openings.

In summer months, two gaps can be opened as awnings to allow the inside out connection. The raised timber deck provides space for outdoor seating and a threshold between the outside and inside.


East Gippsland


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